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Unlike any other fruit peelers, the Pelamatic Electric Peeler Professional can peel oranges, apples, potatoes and more in just a few minutes. This peeler is an electrically powered machine and made of a durable plastic casing that makes peeling a breeze. Ideal for those with arthritis or other disabilities that make peeling or holding vegetables and fruits a challenge.


Sensory Cushion, Range of Tactile Elements to Stimulate Senses, Relieve Boredom and Stress


Shear Comfort Sovereign Low Profile Snug Moccasin Style Slipper Genuine Lambswool (Pair)


Etac Food preparation system, moulded plastic board with clamp and anti-slip rubber feet. Perfect for assisting those “Master Chef’s” working their culinary magic in their own home!


Eliminate the risk of a dangerous boiling water spill or scalding with this ultra-safe cordless kettle.

$87.00 $70.00

Touch Lamp With Impact Resistant Square Shade

$73.00 $60.00

Rubber Backed Mat 600mm x 850mm range of colours


The Beauty Hairbrush is curved to follow the shape of the head. This means that the handle can be held close to the body without losing power or reach.


Budget Pick-up Reacher: Short 660mm reach Long 880mm reach


ETAC Beauty Comb (2 lengths available)

$29.00 $23.00

Night Light 3 in 1 Utility Light Keep Safe and reduce the risk of a slip or fall with this handy Utility light.

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The Azteca model is Trivel’s large tricycle for special needs for our more mature riders from 12 years old and up.