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Compactly folds at the push of a button no manual handling required! With a small turning radius of 58cm, the Di Blasi R30 is perfect for the tightest indoor spaces. While most portable mobility scooters have solid tyres which often provide the user with a hard and rough ride, the R30's pneumatic tyres make driving over rough surfaces a breeze.


Compact scooter with large 200kg load capacity The Sumo has raised the benchmark for high capacity portable scooter design and now provides a safe, affordable transport means for those needing a substantial load rating and lightweight portable design. As with all SupaScooters, this unit features a tight turning circle for indoors spaces. The unit features a super light split frame design (heaviest part only 11.6kg) with seat suspension.


Tough for the harshest conditions The SupaScooter is a popular portable unit with a large 130kg load capacity. Suitable for not only portability and travel, but for use within confined spaces and homes. The SupaScoota HD can be taken almost anywhere with its dual motor which makes light work of pavements and steep hills. Like all SupaScooters, this unit features a tight turning circle for indoors spaces, and a large travelling distance of up to 16km (standard SLA battery). The unit features a super light split frame design (heaviest part only 10.2kg) with seat suspension . With this scooter, the only limit is you!


The Luggie is the most advanced portable fold-up mobility scooter on the market. It has a unique folding mechanism, lithium ion batteries and easy-to-use controls that makes it a must for anyone wanting a collapsible, portable, take-anywhere travel scooter. Take in on the plane or on a cruise, put it in the boot of your car, unfold it and it's ready to go.

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The boot scooter makes transport and travel worry free with its incredible design features like one-hand disassembly and feather light weight. Additionally, the boot scooter performs high above expectations, making it the ultimate travel scooter.

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Compact design with a long warranty As a smaller compact scooter, the Zippy does not compromise on comfort or quality. Features a high ground clearance and low anti-tip wheels to prevent bottoming out when crossing footpaths.

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The worlds lightest mobility disability scooter The SupaScooter Sport is a fantastic unit designed for ease of mobility with its portable design. The Supascoota puts the joy back into the journey so you can focus on the destination! Can be folded in less than 10 seconds and placed into a car boot or storage. Four wheels provide increased stability to navigate varied terrains. Optional battery packs are available to provide additional assistance over long periods of travel.