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The Rocky 8 scooter is Shoprider's 2020 model, loaded with a huge range of great features! New and updated features include large low profile tyres for safety and comfort, a fully rotating lockable seat, adjustable steering tiller and lots more! The reliability of the scooter is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.


Compactly folds at the push of a button no manual handling required! With a small turning radius of 58cm, the Di Blasi R30 is perfect for the tightest indoor spaces. While most portable mobility scooters have solid tyres which often provide the user with a hard and rough ride, the R30's pneumatic tyres make driving over rough surfaces a breeze.


Compact scooter with large 200kg load capacity The Sumo has raised the benchmark for high capacity portable scooter design and now provides a safe, affordable transport means for those needing a substantial load rating and lightweight portable design. As with all SupaScooters, this unit features a tight turning circle for indoors spaces. The unit features a super light split frame design (heaviest part only 11.6kg) with seat suspension.


Tough for the harshest conditions The SupaScooter is a popular portable unit with a large 130kg load capacity. Suitable for not only portability and travel, but for use within confined spaces and homes. The SupaScoota HD can be taken almost anywhere with its dual motor which makes light work of pavements and steep hills. Like all SupaScooters, this unit features a tight turning circle for indoors spaces, and a large travelling distance of up to 16km (standard SLA battery). The unit features a super light split frame design (heaviest part only 10.2kg) with seat suspension . With this scooter, the only limit is you!


The Luggie is the most advanced portable fold-up mobility scooter on the market. It has a unique folding mechanism, lithium ion batteries and easy-to-use controls that makes it a must for anyone wanting a collapsible, portable, take-anywhere travel scooter. Take in on the plane or on a cruise, put it in the boot of your car, unfold it and it's ready to go.


Pristine 501R Bidet with wireless remote controller. Heated water and seat, white soft close standard seat and lid.

$1,449.00 $1,349.00

The boot scooter makes transport and travel worry free with its incredible design features like one-hand disassembly and feather light weight. Additionally, the boot scooter performs high above expectations, making it the ultimate travel scooter.


Bedside Commode - Woven Loom Wicker. This armchair style bedside commode has a woven fibre upholstery in an attractive white and gold finish and a stained timber frame. The high sides give the user support when rising from the chair. The removable padded seat is covered in a flame retardant vinyl. It has a concealed plastic commode pot with locking design lid and handle that is easily removed for emptying and cleaning. The moulded base is one-piece for hygiene purposes.


A contoured foam wedge with quilted cover


The deluxe bedside commode allows for toileting in the bedroom for users who are unable to travel between the bedroom and bathroom.


Unlike any other fruit peelers, the Pelamatic Electric Peeler Professional can peel oranges, apples, potatoes and more in just a few minutes. This peeler is an electrically powered machine and made of a durable plastic casing that makes peeling a breeze. Ideal for those with arthritis or other disabilities that make peeling or holding vegetables and fruits a challenge.

$349.00 $299.00

Aspire Vogue Indoor Walker, 360 Degree front wheels,Tray top doubles as a Kitchen Trolley (2 frame colour options)


Natural Shape Hospital Grade Medical Sheepskin, Ivory colour - various size options


Kitchen Trolley Meal Tray Walker Adjustable Height Overall width: 585mm Handle height: 755-905mm – 6″ Wheels, with handbrakes, MUW 125kg Handy Caddy to help you move items safely from room to room whilst reducing the risk of trips or falls.


Sensory Cushion, Range of Tactile Elements to Stimulate Senses, Relieve Boredom and Stress


Contoured leg pillow. Soft quilted cover.


Shear Comfort Sovereign Low Profile Snug Moccasin Style Slipper Genuine Lambswool (Pair)


Etac Food preparation system, moulded plastic board with clamp and anti-slip rubber feet. Perfect for assisting those “Master Chef’s” working their culinary magic in their own home!


Pedal Exerciser With Pedometer. Folds up for easy storage/transport Comes in a range of colours

$130.00 $95.00

Aspire Seat Walker 'Classic 6' with Soft-Action Hand Brakes, 6" Wheels. MUW 130kg. 2 Frame colour options.


Eliminate the risk of a dangerous boiling water spill or scalding with this ultra-safe cordless kettle.

$87.00 $70.00

Touch Lamp With Impact Resistant Square Shade

$73.00 $60.00

Rubber Backed Mat 600mm x 850mm range of colours


The Beauty Hairbrush is curved to follow the shape of the head. This means that the handle can be held close to the body without losing power or reach.


Deluxe Shower Mat, anti-slip clear, 520mm x 520mm.


Budget Pick-up Reacher: Short 660mm reach Long 880mm reach


Long handled Toe Washer Includes 2 Towel Pads, 690mm


ETAC Beauty Comb (2 lengths available)


Long Handled Sponge WIth Flexible and Bendible Handle, 630mm Long

$29.00 $23.00

Night Light 3 in 1 Utility Light Keep Safe and reduce the risk of a slip or fall with this handy Utility light.


One replacement key to suit all Shoprider mobility scooters.

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It’s the perfect inclusion chair. With its supportive seat, sturdy armrests and stable frame the new Rifton Compass Chair offers mildly involved students the support they need to feel secure and comfortable.

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The Activity Chair has revolutionized adaptive seating and continues to delight therapists with its versatility for people of all shapes and sizes, all conditions and special needs.

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The Rifton HTS (Hygiene and Toileting System) is designed for optimal positioning for natural elimination.

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The Rifton Tram is a transfer and mobility device delivering in three powerful functions. Gait Trainer. Sit to Stand. Seated capability.  At only 32kg the TRAM’s compact lightweight frame is maneuverable in confined areas and simple to transport and store.

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Walking is a complex function. When we talk about dynamic gait training we refer to the often unobserved but significant shifts of body and weight that occur in typical gait patterns. In the therapy community, there is a growing consensus that a well-positioned pelvis in combination with dynamic movement is critical to successful gait training.

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Compact design with a long warranty As a smaller compact scooter, the Zippy does not compromise on comfort or quality. Features a high ground clearance and low anti-tip wheels to prevent bottoming out when crossing footpaths.

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Redefining what a mobility scooter should be. Power, agility, comfort and a dynamic driving experience. The Sunrider stands out from the crowd with its carefully crafted protective canopy designed to optimise usage in all weather conditions. All Trek scooters feature a simple dashboard with easy to use controls.

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Compact, all weather protection The Trek Sunrider Mini is a versatile scooter provides sun, rain and wind protection, guaranteeing a comfortable trip each time you ride. All Trek scooters feature a simple dashboard with easy to use controls.

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Economy class model with Australia's best scooter warranty Simple designs and high quality components translate to a long life cycle and extremely low running costs. The high quality Taiwanese life drive system of the Trek Evolution has a proven track history and is fully supported with an incredible 5 year warranty guaranteeing you years of trouble free travel.

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Combining elegant simplicity with agility and unmatched reliability Possibly the best overall luxury scooter in its class, the Evolution 4 scooter features a powerful 4 pole motor, front and rear suspension, LED lighting and fully adjustable high back captain's seat.

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Power, agility and superb driving experience The Bravo is a sturdy, heavy duty scooter engineered for high performance and responsive handling. Suited to both hill climbing and shopping areas with excellent low speed control and manoeuvrability, the Bravo is unmatched with its 5 year warranty.