Supporting you through COVID-19

An important update regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and the precautionary measures being implemented by ARE and the actions required of their staff, clinicians and clients.

It remains critically important that ARE continues to strengthen its efforts to protect our staff, clinicians and clients whilst ensuring continuity of our services for as long as possible.

The following procedures will help us to maintain our services to you:

If you become aware that you or a client has become unwell and you have recently had direct contact with one of our staff members, please ensure you advise our office immediately.

Appointment Procedures

At this point in time ARE are still conducting in-store and at-home visits (on a case-by-case basis), providing the criteria as outlined in this document are adhered to.

Bookings are essential.

NOTE: If a full lockdown is enforced, a separate email on what is and is not possible will be issued. If you are not already on our mailing list please enter your details via the Contact form:


ARE showrooms are configured to enable us to continue to conduct assessments whilst still meeting the requirements of social distancing. We are also happy to meet with clients in an approved facility such as therapy centres.

We aim to encourage limited close contact on and off during sessions. To ensure there is enough circulation space within clinic areas and showrooms we ask for the following protocols to be observed:

Limit the number of people present at appointments to those imperative to be there.
All guests must complete a Health Declaration form upon arrival (which is located immediately within the entrance).
The reception team will invite you to wait in the clinic room when free, until all parties arrive.
Please allow 15 mins between appointments to allow staff to clean the facilities appropriately.

Screening for exposure to COVID-19 of attendees:

This will be the responsibility of the clinician coordinating the booking.

In the event the booking is made by an ARE staff member for the purpose of servicing and adjusting equipment (without a clinician present at the appointment), it is the responsibility of the ARE Team member coordinating the booking to ensure the following screening questions have been asked:

Have you returned from overseas OR been in contact with a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 in the last 14 days?
Do you have ANY flu like symptom? Fever, sore throat, running nose, shortness of breath?
In the event any of the attendees responding YES to either of the above questions, we ask the appointment to be cancelled and postponed until a period of time has passed and the above questions can be answered NO by all attendees.

It is the responsibility of the ARE Management Team to ensure all employees physically present within the premises can always answer NO to the above questions.

If an employee answers YES to either of the above, they will not be permitted to attend the showroom and factory sites until they can satisfactorily prove their good health or period of self-isolation has ended without incident or without returning a positive test to COVID-19 if applicable to their symptoms.

Hygiene protocols and cleaning procedures:

ARE has and will continue to provide an extensive range of hospital grade, alcohol-based cleaning products including hand sanitisers and hand washing soap to assist with hygiene requirements.

We ask that these products are used by all in the following manner:

Please refrain from greeting attendees and staff with handshakes.
Please refrain from touching your face (nose, mouth and eyes) as able. Request the opportunity to use hand sanitiser or to wash your hands if you have used your hands around these areas during your appointment.

All regularly touched surfaces will be cleaned at the beginning of each day, in between appointments and before the close of day within the showroom and clinic areas. Antimicrobial surface sprays will also be used within the clinic rooms and showroom areas regularly during and in-between appointments.

All equipment coming from the factory/workshop areas into the showroom and clinic rooms specific for appointments will be cleaned with hospital grade sprays and wipes before entering this environment. This includes our range of trial equipment, equipment ready for delivery and hire equipment. Please allow increased time at trial equipment appointments to allow for this process to occur.
All equipment returning to the factory/workshop areas are required to go through the same procedure of cleaning before leaving the showroom areas.

Please be accepting and patient with instructions given to you by our staff. We are all in this together and will not tolerate verbal or physical abuse of any kind on our premises.

The ARE Team is taking this health crisis seriously. As such, all team members have completed the online training module provided by the Australian Government specific to infection control practices for COVID-19.

If you wish to complete this training follow the link and register for access.

This document will be updated as the advice from both federal and state governments are publicly announced.

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