The Best Anti-Slip Mats for Bathrooms

First, let’s go back a step, why do we need Anti-slip mats in a bathroom?

The answer could be any of the following:

  • Comfort – insulation from cold floors.
  • Traction – water + tiles = slippery hazard!
  • Absorption of liquid to eliminate slippage.

As we age we rely more and more on stable surfaces to walk around on.

Our balance may become more of an issue due to medical changes and also our strength and muscle tone can weaken and reduce which impacts our ability to perform what once were simple everyday tasks.

Inclines become a struggle, rugged terrain becomes more of a challenge and simple tasks like showering safely can suddenly become a frightening thing.  Rails and ramps become our trusted friends!

For sheer comfort and moisture absorption, fluffy bathroom mats can be a great idea but be aware that tired feet can easily trip on these loose laid hazards.

Loose mats can suddenly become an enemy and an innocent looking trip hazard. This is why it is essential to provide the right matting for wet areas so we are solving problems, not creating more problems.

The best Anti-Slip Mats?

Anti-slip mats can be placed into showers and baths.  They usually consist of rubber or vinyl and feature suction cups which attach to the surface they are placed on.  Often these are sufficient but always ensure they do not become a trip hazard.

For a safe and secure bathroom matting option our recommended solution is a PVC grid constructed one piece mat which is made to suit your specifications or can easily be cut to size.

This matting is extremely durable, will not rot and is lightweight for ease of cleaning. It features an anti-slip surface and can be supplied with safe ramped edges to reduce slips or trip hazards.

Our top recommended anti-slip mats include the following:

Suction Shower Mats

PVC Matting

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