Why use a Lift Chair?

An electric lift chair may be similar in appearance to a regular reclining chair but it really is much more. Similar to a regular reclining chair, a lift chair can also be adjusted from upright to reclining and vice versa with a simple push of a button. Some of the many benefits experienced by electric lift chair users include relief from arthritis, back pain, as well pain relief for sore and stiff joints. In some cases it can even be a viable alternative to costly bathroom alterations for patients in need of massage and heat therapy.

How Could A Lift Chair Help You?

One of the most significant features of an electric lift chair is its ability to actually raise the seated user up to a 45-degree angle to allow effortless standing and mobilisation. This feature alone is essential for the aged or frail person who can no longer stand up independently from a chair without creating a lot of strain and pressure on already tired arms, shoulders, and legs.  The energy saved from this simple assistance can then be utilised for those other critical day to day tasks.

The rise & recline feature of a lift chair is especially convenient in assisting people in their day-to-day lives. A simple push of a button allows for easy maneuvers from a sitting position to a standing position. This eases patients into the most comfortable positions without having any need to utilise their hands, arms, or shoulders.

Most lift chairs have a lift capacity of up to 130kg. Other models designed for heavy duty purposes or bariatric clients may support up to 250 – 300kgs. In addition to these features, a correctly specified lift chair can provide an extremely comfortable and supportive surface to provide a greater seating tolerance.

There’s also the back rest recline & leg raise feature. This is usually used for circulation assistance as it allows the patient to maneuver into the most comfortable sitting position while also raising their legs.

So what sets these two functions apart? If we take a look at the many benefits, you can see why they work so well hand-in-hand:

  • Greatly enhance comfort and functionality
  • Provide shoulder support that alleviates fatigue and discomfort on the shoulders
  • Ergonomic design that encourages proper and healthy sitting postures
  • Helps in maintaining healthy muscle tone by relieving fatigue and degeneration in joints
  • Helps in improving and promoting better circulation

How Do You Choose A Lift Chair That is Right For You?

A lift chair is designed to greatly improve a patient’s quality of life and so it only follows that it must fit seamlessly into their existing environment. It will depend on a person’s individual needs but here are some common questions when it comes to getting a lift chair:

  • Will there be pets around you for most of your day?
  • Will you be eating or drinking when seated in your lift chair?
  • Will it be for lounging and relaxation or are you also looking to sleep in your chair?
  • If it’s going to replace a current lift chair, will you want something completely different or something that has the same feel of the one it’s going to replace?
  • Will you be able to afford it and is there sufficient space in your home for it?
  • Will you be needing it for a short time or for the longer term?

You may well have a similar list of questions as well? Rest assured that you’re not alone.

Bear in mind that a single motor lift chair will typically have just two buttons—one for up and one for down. These two buttons will control the backrest recline and the leg rest. A dual motor lift chair, on the other hand, will have separate controls for the backrest recline and the leg rest. What this means is that the backrest can be positioned in any position regardless of the leg rest position.

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